Heat exchangers for biogas

Attention to a more careful use of our world energy sources and the attempt to a less contaminate world keeping a high standard life, brought our heat exchangers in new market as the biogas one. In gas and biogas processes, it is necessary to contain the load loss of the fluids: the most suitable heat exchanger for these applications is our type OLC (On Line Cooler) which being connected directly to the piping of the client allows to minimize the pressure drop.

Flovex performs the thermal rating of these heat exchangers with a very advanced program (HTRI) in order to select the best and most efficient geometrical solution. Flovex has an approved system that meets the required specifications.

If required, we can design and build the Heat Exchangers for Gas in accordance with the main codes and international standards (ASME, TEMA, EN) and, if applicable, the heat exchangers can be also marked U-stamp and EC, according to the Directives EU/2014

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