Gas compressors

Heat exchangers for any type of pressure gas

Heat exchangers for single and multi-stage piston compressors, designed to be mounted on skids. Coolers are compatible with all kind of gases: inerts (Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Freon), oxidising (Nitrous oxide, Oxygen), toxics (Ammonia, Carbon monoxide), explosives (Acetylene, Butane, Ethane, Ethylene, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen, Methane, Propylene, hydrocarbons) and corrosives (Carbon Dioxide); heat exchanger construction has particular tricks to resist to possible vibrations.

We have experience in designing and manufacturing according to EIGA (European Gas Association), who’s standards rules gas production, transport, storage and application to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental care in the handling of gases.

To manufacture these types of coolers we have a clean and separated suitable area. We make a specific cleaning “for Oxygen Use”, to remove any organic residue from oxygen contact parts, both before mounting the coolers and when coolers are completely assembled. We have the necessary equipment to make UV cleaning control in our firm.

Our solutions for the gas compressors sector

For gas and biogas

Floating head type P, T and S

Removable tube bundle W type