Oil hydraulics heat exchangers

We have born in oil hydraulics field and we know its needing. We know production relies on machines efficiency and reliability and we know heat exchangers are an important component. We count on our standard selection of oil hydraulics heat exchangers: cost-effective and solid, available in extremely reduced time.

Our catalogue covers all sizes from 1 kW to 300 kW of heat exchanging. Our standard production line joins the best performance together with rugged long-lasting construction: as standard, integrally finned tubes has been adopted. The use of integrally finned tubes is a winning choice, compared to traditional tube, in terms of price, size, and in particular resistance.

Besides copper finned tubes, when particular condition requires it, we realize heat exchangers using different materials. Our warehouse is furnished with a wide range of certified material: stainless steel, naval brass, special alloy, to deliver particular products in extremely reduced time. All our standard heat exchangers are hydrostatically tested in our firm.

Our solutions for the oil hydraulics sector

Alloy ST type

Fixed tubesheet type BEM or AEM

Removable bundle Type BEW or AEW

BP Type for high temperature

FC finned coil tube bundle

U-type tube bundle

Electric heaters – HR

Air aluminum radiator RSR

Single and double coolers LT series