Oil&Gas sector

Our main application field, heat exchangers in duplex or single configuration

Oil&Gas industry needs highly reliable equipment, heat exchangers able to bear high pressures and temperature without any problems for the plants. Our coolers have proven to be a reliable solution, in this moment, thousands of cooling units and lube units are working with heat exchangers designed and manufactured by Flovex.

Flovex crowning achievement are heat exchangers customized according to company specification, standards of engineering companies, international design standards, as Shell DEP, GPS, SAES, BGS, GP, GS and may others. Finished heat exchangers are rigorously verified and tested both by Flovex quality office and by external inspectors. Common methods for pressure testing include hydrostatic and pneumatic (using compressed air for verifying tube-plate joining).

Individual tubes can also be pressure or non-destructively tested prior to use. If requested we carry out at external qualified laboratories specials tests and processes on heat exchangers, such as P.T., U.T., PMI Examination, Rt, PWHT (post-welding heat treatments) and others.

Our solutions for the Oil&Gas sector

Duplex configuration

Floating head type P, T and S

Removable tube bundle W type