Heat exchangers for thermoregolators

Every production process has its own best performance within a specific temperature range. Our heat exchangers for thermoregulation can control an optimize water and oil temperature used in the job. Temperature is indeed a fundamental parameter in any industrial field, from chemical to metallurgical, to mechanical industry, from plastic and rubber production and processing, to paint production.

Our heat exchangers have born for this field, with characteristic of efficiency and compactness thanks to inner finned copper tubes construction. During years, we amplified configuration and materials range, from removable tube bundle to the floating head construction and the U tube configuration to absorb thermal expansion; materials are available in wide selection: all copper alloy and Stainless Steel, always in a short time to optimize maintenance operations.

Our solutions for the thermoregulators sector

Alloy ST type

Fixed tubesheet type BEM or AEM

Removable bundle Type BEW or AEW

BP Type for high temperature

FC finned coil tube bundle

U-type tube bundle

Electric heaters – HR

Air aluminum radiator RSR

Single and double coolers LT series