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Our special products catalogue

Most of our production are heat exchangers customized according to company specifications, standards of engineering companies, international design requirements. We are able to make all the TEMA type construction, in single or duplex unit configuration.
We design and manufacture products according to the most strict engineering specifications such as Shell DEP, GPS, SAES, BGS, GP, GS .. and many others.

We are able to perform all kinds of tests, internally or through qualified external suppliers, and we commonly work with Third Party Authorities.

Front end stationary head types

A – Channel and removable cover

B- Bonnet (integral cover)

C- Channel integral with tube-sheet and removable cover

Shell Types

E- One pass shell

Rear end head types

L- Fixed tubesheet like “A” stationary head

M- Fixed tubesheet like “B” stationary head

N- Fixed tubesheet like “N” stationary head

P- Outside packed floating head

S- Floating head with backing device

T- Pull through floating head

U- Tube bundle

W- Externally sealed floating tubesheet

Scambiatori speciali

Removable tube bundle W type

Fixed tubebundle type M

Special U tube bundle

Floating head type P, T and S

With dilator

Duplex configuration

Double tube cooler configuration

Air coolers


For gas and biogas

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