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Double tube cooler configuration series

Safety heat exchanger for fluid insulation


This configuration has born to satisfy the requirements of cost efficiency, safety rules and the safeguard of process fluids for some industry applications, such as for chemical, pharmaceutical and refrigeration.

Compared with the single wall tube bundle, the double wall design is mainly identified by the construction with two tube-sheets at each end of the bundle. Then two tubes are fitted one inside the other, with a leakage space between them and the result is a construction which guarantees the thermodynamic performance of the heat exchanger. In case the inner or the outer tube becomes leaky, the fluid process, entering in the leakage space, causes an alarm signal.

This solution is safe, avoiding that the two fluids can be contaminated by each other and allows the system to run continuously till the next scheduled maintenance. Also from the ecological viewpoint this design has an advantage, lowering the risks to contaminate the water, as required by some water protection acts or laws. The “safety heat exchanger” designed by Flovex is available in different lay-out configurations and in a wide range of sizes, meaning shell diameters as well as tube bundle length. There is also the possibility to select the inner and the outer tube materials depending on the characteristics of the process fluids.

One of the typical application for this product is the oil cooling on electrical transformers, but in fact in any application where the fluids can’t be mixed or contaminated the “safety heat exchanger” is the right choice.