ST 80 model

Solid and efficient light alloy heat exchanger

The model ST 80 is the result of evolution of this exchanger, giving the most as thermal efficiency, compactness, combined with extreme ruggedness. Using our patented system of elastic sealing, the ST 80 has become exceptionally safe against thermal shock and waterhammering.

Particular attention has been taken to one of the greatest problems as corrosion due to industrial water. The exchanger ST 80 has hight alloy hubs but with STAINLESS AISI 316 TUBESHEETS rolled permanently to hubs. The covers waterside are made in reinforced plastic material to withstand corrosion, and waterpressure. All range of models have been divided into two types according to oilflow.

Tipe “A” for low/medium oilflow, type “B” to high oilflow. Our raccomandation all times, to complete signature of exchanger (letter “A” or “B” to be found on label and stamped permanently on hubs of each exchanger). To give more guarantee, each exchanger passes a “quality control” and a hydraulic test before leaving our workshop.

Tube bundle

INTEGRALLY FINNED, chemically passivated, straight copper tubes rolled into the tubesheets, enshure most efficiency. The high quality of material of the tubes (made with most modern procedure, tested one-by one) will give our exchanger extra
strenght even under vibration or hammering from circuit.


Pressed in light alloy, type “ANTICORODAL”, in one piece with tubesheet in STAINLESS AISI 316 and oilside connection type SAE to reduce velocity/pressure drop in inlet/outlet even at higher flow. As optional: threaded 1½” B.S.P. connections, or SAE type counterflanges.


Cold drawn, calibrated, extruded light alloy tube, at both extremity one hub, sealed permanently “O” ring.


Plastic material, glass fiber reinforced with 1/2″ B.S.P. connection in carbon steel stamped in one piece, to give exceptional resistance against corrosion, combined with good mechanical strenght. In order to avoid damages, we raccomend the use of nipples with cylindrical thread combined with flat gaskets or the use of “Locktite” type sigillant materials. Maximum allowable torque couple about 8 (Kgm) should be enough. To special request are all times available light alloy covers with connections Ø 3/4″ BSP.


Stamped in carbon steel, with lips around tubes and at outline, to give: better clearances between tubes to baffles, shell to baffles, for higher efficiency.


Stamped in carbon steel, screwed to covers, with possibility of multiple orientation to make installation easier.

A correct selection by our performance curves and a correct flowrange of fluids, will enshure long, trouble-free life to our exchanger. Being mostly oilcoolers, our ST 80 will need cleaning only tubeside (waterside) periodically. This operation can be done without depressurising oilside only taking off covers.

The use of integrally finned tubes riduces the actual number of tubes that combined with good wallthickness, make even mechanical cleaning extremely easy against traditional exchangers. Our only recommandation is to take care of orientation of covers and gaskets after maintenance.

Each exchanger is guaranteed against defects of fabbrication or the materials for 12 months. No guarantee will be hold against corrosion, excessive vibrations, pressure hammering, calcium deposits, and uncorrect installation.

Sizes and product codes

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