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AEM or BEM series

Fixed straight tubesheet heat exchangers

Standard exchangers, particularly made for heavy duty ever with medium pressure ranges. The composition can be made with different choise of materials, all sort of combinations make this type of exchangers versatile enough to solve any problem of fluids, flows, even with high duty rating. Cooling surfaces from 0.3 to 30 sq. mt. For each standard model we’ve provided two types, “ A ” for Iow flowrate, “ B ” for high flowrate.

Tube bundle

Normally we use straight integrally finned “passivated” copper tubes of extremely high efficiency. The tubes are rolled into the tubesheets, to give the most rugged construction even under vibration. BAFFLES Punched from steel plate, with supporting lips for higher thermal efficiency and more safety in case of vibration.

Shell and tubesheet

Welded carbon steel construction, to give most rugged exchanger, adeguate thicknesses for throuble free long life. Shellside connections made also for customers requirement, over the standard threated connections we propose flanges (UNI, DIN, SAE, ANSI….).


Standard exchangers with cast iron covers, in the 4 or 2 pass versions.

Material choices

Over the standard carbon steel/copper combination we use: Alumbrass, Stainless, carbon steel, copper/nichel as tubematerial, while for shell & tubesheets using stainless steel wiIl solve all possible problems. Version EL with only the tubesheet in stainless steel; version EX completely in stainless steel. For the complete range of selection of tube types and materials, please see sheet of composition of product code.

Identification thorough our signature

First number in signature = shell diameter in inches, followed by: the tubelenght in feet and eventual fractions. Must be completed by letters: “ A ” or “ B ” (Iow-hight flowrate) and to finish, the waterpass: EM1.8036.A2G000 = 8” diam. 3′ 6″ lenght, type A with 2 pass!

Each exchanger is guaranteed and replaced for material or fabricational defect for 12 months. No responsability wiIl be taken against: corrosion, calcium deposits, or wrong installation.

Sizes and product codes

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