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Floating head BP Series

Outside packed straight tube heat exchangers for high temperature usage

The BP type coolers are the cheapest solution to handle fluids with high operating temperatures. Designed with a FLOATING HEAD and straight tubes it will solve not only the problem of thermal stresses, but also the problem of calcium deposit, by using straight tubes, with easy cleaning even without draining the shellside fluid.

Having no hairpin-like bend tubes, as the traditional “U” bundle, if necessary it can be inspected inside tubes for perfect mechanical cleaning. BP coolers are made with different types of tubes, sizes and materials. Two types for temperature: design type O and type H.

  • Each cooler is delivered without thermal insulation, for safety reasons it must be provided with protection on site!
  • AIternative of finned copper tubes need different dimension: the measures “A” and “B” of the catalogue will get also reduced by 25 millimeters.

Sizes and product codes

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