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Air coolers LT series

Single and double air heat exchangers with optimal thermal efficiency

The fan exchangers, cooling with forced airdraft, are an extremely valid alternative to tube & shell exchangers, where no cooling water is available.

Particular care has been taken to select all components able to give good thermal efficiency together with rugged construction. To reach complete affidability all our fancoolers are tested at 30 (Bar).

Flowrate and pressure drop

To optimise efficiency against allowable pressure drop, coolers are of two types:

  • low flowrate = type “A”
  • high flowrate = type “B”

Pressure drop indicated on the performance curves are intended with oil viscosity of 4 ° E-50 ° C. With other oils than the mentioned, proper calculation should be made.

Specially with cold start of the machine at low temperatures a by-pass should be used, with pressure setting of 4-5 (Bar).

Copper innertubes of small diameter expanded to integrate aluminium fins, punched with small lips to extend contact surface, and to give protection against vibration. lnlet/outlet connections in carbon steel pipe sized to take flow at nominal pressure. Each cooler is supplied with thermostatic contact to insert the fan between 40-48 ° C. Electric motor & fan able to operate 100% of time, with low noise.


Each exchanger is guaranteed against defect of fabbrication, or of the materials for 12 months. No guarantee will be hold against corrosion, excessive vibrations, pressure hammering, calcium deposit and uncorrect installation.

Fan-type exchangers could also be used for compressed air, other gas, water, depending on fan materials.

The versatility of our design allows us to make multiple of our basic models, two or more standard or special fans & motors, more rows of tubes with tubelength according to proper computerised calculation.

Heat transfer calculation and fancooler size optimization made by simulation of real conditions with our computer, to minimise possible errors, giving specification sheet complete with constructional and heat transfer data available from our technical department for each project.

Sizes and product codes

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